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    Hi all,

    During my current acoustic tour a new feature request came up.

    We’re doing a acoustic tour with a lot delicate instruments (an therefore condenser mics) on stage. Lot of the concerts hall have grater reverb-times, so we have massive ambience bleed and audience on InEars.
    To keep it low as possible I have to mute all unnecessary mics. But when I change scenes f.e. The grand piano goes on or off the hole mix seems to “jump” because fade-time doesn’t affect mute.

    So here’s my request:

    With fade time set please make fade going to -∞ or coming from -∞ in fade time instead of “jumping” up and down (think of it as a soft mute).

    Cheers Peter

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    This is something that can not be done with mute function. What u describing is a job of a fader!!

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    thats right… you should use the fader for that
    programm two scenes, both block everything except the faders from the piano, there you should have your fade in or out of the piano

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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