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    Is there a way to store the layer selection, Mix selection and FX selection with scenes? We use the scenes to store a preset for volunteer users, and I’ve programmed soft buttons for them to switch to the scene. However, I’ve noticed that if I change layer, mix or FX selection, these aren’t restored with the scene. If a volunteer accidentally bumps one of the buttons, recalling the scene isn’t going to help them!

    Is there any way to reset the whole board to a preset?

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    I support church users who range from “turn key” users through to more proficient users. Perhaps my approach to creating setups for different user types might be be helpful here. It could help with what you are trying to achieve. The SQ5 does offer very useful flexibility through the use of the User settings. I created several user types. I used a very simple password for each to help restrict access. The password can be obvious from the name of the saved user at the simplest level.
    I then decided on how much access to functions each of the user types needed – functions are often still visible but the user may be denied entry.
    Scenes can then be set up with standard FX included for the scene – for some of my users only the preamp level can be set – all the other knobs do not illuminate.
    A scene range can be set for each user & a “default” scene can also be set. One approach is to put the default scene outside of the range & the allow the user to save the scene. This allows those changes to be retained if the mixer is powered off & back on. If only scenes are offered with no saves allowed, then losing power will bring the user back to the default scene.
    In terms of setting up scenes – a default can be set up & then copied & renamed. That should carry all the routings, FX ect That’s what I initially did although I could have used use the scene filters to block changes ect I understand that soft-keys can be used with scenes although my primary objective was to “democratise” the mixer access – the SQ5 really helps to solve one of the core issues within a church – a really wide range of users but also more experienced creative users who need more access to functions.
    To the least experienced users we can say that they can’t do any harm by pressing a button ect (apart from mutes & the main LR mute of course!)
    I think my explanation is pretty accurate above – I’m sure somebody will point out if I’m in error!

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