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    Is there a way to take, for instance, CH16 and route that channel to the Talkback feed/button? I’ve checked in the IO screen, as well as Talkback config screen, and I’m not seeing it. Thanks!

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    Not that I am aware of.
    Can you tell us why you would want to do that?
    There is a talk back mic socket provided

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    not really
    what would be the point?

    buy a cheap mike and plug it into the Qu to do talkback if that is really needed

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    However you can remotely access the talk back button via/from Qu-Pad app.
    So you could preset a microphone or Y split a mic into the talk back mic [XLR]socket AND another channel and then use the talk back button from the Qu-pad App.
    Top R/H corner within the app

    However please let us know the outcome.

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    Mike C

    To answer your question, no you can’t on a QU.
    However any input channel can be used as a talk back routed to the needed mixes you want to talk to.
    You could assign a soft key button to directly mute/unmute the input channel you want to use as a talk back.
    The soft key would work on the surface or on the iPad control APP.

    Do you need multiple talk back mics with each mic only “talking back” to dedicated mixes?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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