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    Hi there,

    So, I’m new. And, I hate to be that guy but I’m having problems and wanted to know if it’s me or a hardware issue (since I’m still under warranty).

    I’ve got my mic in xlr input 1 and my headphones in the headphone jack and am using Qu-You for the iPad. I reset all settings so they’re default. All audio is going only to one side and when I try to pan it to the other, it goes completely silent. I’ve tried looking through settings but absolutely nothing I do makes any difference.

    Is there something I’m doing wrong or missing?

    Thanks to any and all for help!

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    The obvious question: are you sure your headphones and itโ€™s cable/plug are OK ?

    Do your mains work as expected ?

    Have you tried the PAFL function ? (Via Qu-Pad)

    Which Mix or group are listening to ?


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    I tried multiple sets of headphones and mics as well, they’re not it unfortunately.

    Everything else seems fine. Yes, I’ve tried PAFL and it’s still just out of one speaker. The only way to get audio to both sides is to pull the plug half out. I then get audio to both sides but it, of course, sounds weird and isn’t a proper fix.

    Like I said, literally everything was reset to default settings and I have the mic in channel 1, that’s absolutely it. No FX, no anything else.

    I’m figuring the jack is messed up, I think it has been since I bought it, but I wanted to double check before I send it out for repair and have to wait forever for it. ๐Ÿ™

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    It does seem like a hardware issue with the socket, or maybe the headphone amp.

    Are you able to confirm that sending the signal to L & R works as it should on speakers – or if not, that at least that the meters show signal on both sides?

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    New to qu-pac (and mixing). I have lost my headphone signal out of the front of qu-pac. It was working in my first session, but no longer. Using Logic Pro X with Audio in/out set to Qu-pac. Suggestions?

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