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    First post. This is looking at the Qu desks as recording interfaces.

    Now, inline workflows…no one can remember what they were or why we did it and there is apparently no market for it. Until you step up to the £15k+ market with Audient, Trident, SSL etc.

    However, would it be possible to implement the Zed R16/GSR24 usb send and return architecture in the Qu?

    There is already a comprehensive tap off point in the software to allow sending to usb post eq etc.

    Would it be difficult to implement the same idea for the usb return? So instead of usb replacing the channel input (for vsc), one could choose to return usb from computer ‘pre aux mixes’ for example. The function would segue with the usb send tap off point. Just like an insert send/return, that can be moved in the channel strip.

    Computers have caught up, at 32 samples, we can run inline – just like it’s 1979!

    Thanks for your time.


    ps – interesting to note, Zed R16/GSR24s still sought after, 10-15 years later…even with the psu replacement and broken fw…

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