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    My Qu-24 and my Qu-pad seem to be having a slight disagreement.

    When using Qu-pad, I can’t toggle between the main LR mix and any of the monitor mixes, (Mix1, Mix2 etc.) Groups or FX.

    They can only be selected on the mixer but any change does not show up on Qu-pad.
    Any change to Mix/Grp/FX on the mixer are not repeated on the Qu-pad and, similarly, any changes made on the Qu-pad are not repeated on the mixer.
    I have to physically select, for example, Mix1 on the mixer and then change the selection on the Qu-pad to Mix1 as well. Once they are both selected, they function as they should.

    This only started happening yesterday and there have been no changes to software/firmware versions. Mixer is v1.90 and Qu-pad is 1.91. As far as I am aware, this should be ok.

    I’ve done the rebooting, restarting, switch-everything-on-in-the-correct-order thing but so far I haven’t been able to resolve this.

    It may well be something simple that I am overlooking.
    The next step will be a re-set but I would like to avoid that if at all possible.

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    They are completely independent surfaces. You can switch the iPad to Mix1, and theniPad will control Mix1 whilst the QU continues to control FOH.

    A second iPad could simultaneously be controlling mix3

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    Dick Rees

    …the reason being two engineers can share the board. For example, monitor engineer at side of stage and FOH mix-person out in the house. You don’t want someone elses work-flow conflicting with yours. It’s been well thought out, at least for me and everyone else I know who uses the Qu.

    But I’ll admit to going through the same WTH reaction in the beginning…

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    After reading your replies I suddenly feel very stupid.
    I hadn’t checked to see if the adjustments on the Qu-pad had actually taken place on the Qu-24.

    I’ve just had and “of course……” moment.

    Cheers. 🙂

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