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    I am recording into my DAW most of the time dry – post compressor.But once in a while I would love to record – after FX bus. But in the ‘global direct out’ settings there is no such option.

    I understand I can use a different USB channel to record FX1, FX2 etc or I can use a mix bus. But this is quite time consuming and lots of menu diving.

    What is the reason why we can not have a simple ‘Post FX Bus’ setting as a direct out source in the Global Direct Out settings?

    Are the internal processors not fast enough maybe?

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    Because “direct out” option is in-line on channel and you are using a separate fx bus.
    Signal is drived out the channel to feed the fx rack and the fx return signal back to main mix for ex.

    To do what you want,you can use the fx rack in insert mode and set the dry/wet to adjust the effect level.Direct out option post all.
    But in this setup : 1 fx rack per channel !


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    Or just record the FX return as well?

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