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    Current setup

    – 4 Mute Groups (vocals, primary band, FX, and secondary band)
    – The mute groups are assigned to softkeys

    For the most part it works – what I’m missing is the mute buttons on the channels should follow the state of the mute group.

    That is 1) if I must a channel I expect the mute button to also turn on and 2) when I turn off a mute group (via a softkey) I would expect the mute button to also turn off.

    New Avantis install – firmware 1.03



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    So, on the Avantis, the mute groups and DCA mutes will cause the mute led under the mute button on each channel strip to light up, rather than the mute button itself on each channel strip. Could it be the case that this is what is happening, and it’s not actually an error of the console but rather a simple oversight?

    Also, keep in mind that once a channel has been muted by a mute group or a dca, you must unmute the entire mute group or dca in order to unmute an individual channel. This kind of threw me for a loop as I had been used to an M32, where I could unmute a single channel even while a mute group was actively muted. It took some getting used to, but it’s really not an inconvenience at all anymore, you just have to be a little bit more mindful of how you setup your groups.

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    The M32, and also the WING, gives you the choice how Mutes and Mutegroups should work. Either in the same way as with A&H consoles or in the way as zman2206 mentioned. Especially the WING is handling the whole mute/unmute story in a very intuitive way. I personally would like to have it on my A&H consoles too.

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    That’s what happening. We switched from a X32 to the Avantis and I was used to how the mute groups / Mute buttons worked. I was hoping there was a setting I couldn’t find that would give me the choice.


    Thanks. I too would like the option. Maybe I’ll put it in the suggestion bucket at Allen Heath.


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