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    I currently run sound in our main church service on an older Roland M-400 and recently upgraded our youth room to a QU-16. Overall.. very pleased with the QU-16 and considering the QU-32 to replace the older Roland. Having one issue that bugs me though..

    On the M-400 I can mute using a group, press mute on an individual channel in that group, and the channel will unmute. The channel mute buttons toggle no matter the group state. On the QU boards it seems like the mute group is king. If you press a channel mute while the group is muted it then sets the channel to be muted if you unmute the group? Aka, you cannot unmute a channel while the group is muted?

    The QU-16 only has 4 soft keys so I use one for instruments, one FX, one for vocals and one for media inputs. When 4 vocalists are done I mute the group.. but then someone usually grabs one of those mics to talk, and I cant unmute just that mic when the group is muted. Very irritating to me in this mode.
    I then have to keep one mic out of the group and mute that group plus the single mic separately.

    There are other ways to handle this situation I am sure.. but dealing with student volunteers often and I like the simple toggle behavior of the Roland much better.

    Is there any way to change this behavior in some kind of setting or config?

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    Yes, this bugs me too. As far as I know, there’s no way to change the behavior. We have a QU-24 with 10 softkeys and use one just to mute the lead vocalist for the situation you noted.

    Another pet-peeve is the mute buttons on the channels are too far away from the channel labels. I have to really take care that I’m muting the right channel. It would have been nice if mute and PAFL buttons were directly above or below the faders.

    Other than these, we love this board. Just takes a little getting used to coming from an analog board.

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    Dick Rees

    The Qu-pad offers 10 mute groups. The most likely work-around would be to set up 4 vocal mute groups, each of which could be designated by which one of the four mics would be left live.

    You could also utilize the DCA’s as control groups for the purpose of muting.

    Good luck.

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    Dick Rees

    Disregard the above…I tried to edit the reply but this Forum site has always been glitchy regarding editing.

    What I SHOULD have said was that the Qu-pad app offers expanded numbers of Mute Groups and Soft Keys as well as additional customizable control surface(s). I realize it’s a work-around compared to the Roland, but IIWII.

    Good luck.

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