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    Great forum. Apologies if this has been covered. Need to be pointed in the right direction.

    We have the QU-32 where Group 9-10 is setup for our recording devices. We send our live worship to audio assistance devices, mp3 recording, social media recording, and a video feed to another part of the building. Each of these feeds obviously need the same channel mix. We split the one group outside the board so we don’t have to have four separate mixes to reduce complexity. To split the group out we run through an RCA splitter which is obviously creating problems for us producing hum and other nuisances.

    I was told to use DCA groups but that appears to just be a master fader and will not allow me to separate the recording device mix from the house mix. Is there a way to “split” the group at the board to feed to four (or more) external devices? Or should I buy an external splitting device (not RCA!) and if so do you have a recommendation?

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    On Qu32 you easily duplicate your Group/Mix/LR with the Matrix outs and additionally patch that Matrix (or other sources) to Alt Out (TRS) and AES out (for a digital feed).
    Next step would be to add a dSnake box.

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    Or look at how many of those can be combined, MP3 recording can be taken off the USB recording facility, no need for that to be an analogue output, you could do the same for social media etc (usbB if you need it live streamed).

    I’d suggest that the audio feed for video and hearing aids maybe needn’t/shouldn’t be the same. People with hearing aids by definition have compromised hearing – I normally give them a cut down mix, they don’t need all the twiddly bits, clarity is generally king.

    I think that’s only mono (loop) and one stereo (video feed) analogue output (possibly duplicated on alt-out) as well as the qudrive…

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