ME-U and ME-1s in a Hybrid Recording Studio?

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    Hey All, really trying to get some clarification on these Dante-enabled devices.

    My studio wants to upgrade our headphone system. We currently have a cheap distro that gets the job done but is the obvious weak link in our recording process. Because of physical limitations between rooms (and wanting to keep isolation at a maximum) we have to keep the Cat5 infrastructure in place.

    These ME systems look great! But here are some of my concerns before purchasing:

    1 – We have 2x-Lynx Aurora 16s and use Pro Tools 12 HDX. In order to use the ME system, do I have to select the Dante card as the playback engine? Or can the Dante interface with the Lynx Auroras via its software app?

    2 – What’s the latency like? In youtube videos I saw latency times like 1ms. This may be perfectly useful for some stuff but definitely not recording on headphones. I saw the option of 150us but it was greyed out?

    3 – Any slick ways of getting talkback from the control room (I guess in live cases it would be FOH or Monitor world?) into the Dante network?

    Here’s the kicker – we’re a hybrid studio. We forego a traditional console in place of rack-mounted boutique style preamps of a bunch of different flavors and use a Dangerous 2-bus for monitoring and summing. Is this system capable of working with our setup? Much obliged if you’ve read this over and given it any thought at all!

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