Is there an effects list for CQ mixers?

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    I know it has only been released, and they haven’t even uploaded a manual for it. When they do though I doubt there will be an fx list, but has anyone got one?

    I have downloaded the app and in demo mode I cannot seem to change any of the fx to different, so I cannot see what they have there. I am ready to buy one, but need to see if it is suitable.

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    I believe it’s fixed. But it has different settings for each unit. That could change down the road.

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    Only 4 effects? I am sure i heard some others mentioned in one of the videos. If i am wrong, I think it is seriously lacking for a digital mixer. If thats the standard amount ans there idea is to charge for them, then I think I might have to look at an alternative.

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    Mike C

    While I have not looked at the CQ app demo I know on the QU the some of the options are blocked in the demo mode.

    For simple compact mixer uses four FX should be enough.

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    I have just purchased the CQ20B, and although I have gone through it setting up the channel names/uses etc, it will be Tuesday of this week when I get to see how it stacks up against my QUSB setup at a band rehearsal. Mike is right, 4 FX should be more than enough. That is one portion of the QU series that in my opinion was/is the weak link, I have yet in all the years and 100’s of gigs/shows to actually setup a really good sounding reverb.

    The CQ will be primarily for the band I play in with the QUSB/AB168 reserved for PA hire.

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    Have just been through my unit (CQ-18T) and listed them below. There is EQ, Compressor and oise c=gate on each channel. And four FX slots (Same number as QU series) – each FX slot can be an insert or shared across channels.

    Easy Verb – 9 types
    • Vocal Classis
    • Vocal Echo
    • Vocal Intimate
    • String Slap
    • Percussion
    • Drum Room
    • String
    • Bass
    • Woodwind
    • Piano
    Space Verb – 12 types
    • Large Hall
    • Small Hall
    • Bright Hall
    • Chamber
    • Arena
    • Cathedral
    • Large Room
    • Small Room
    • Plate
    • Gold Plate
    • Echo Plate
    • Forever Plate
    Echo Delay
    Tap Delay
    Stereo Delay
    Beat Delay
    Double Tracker

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    Thanks for that, it is a massive help. I know most people wouldn’t need them, but was really hoping there was going to be some vintage pre-amps, tube stage and some sort of stereo enhancer.

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    Lee7, I am sure it is more than capable for small band use. Pretty much I only see the reverb and maybe a compressor being used in that situation. I think it will be great for that.

    They are also pushing this towards the production crowd and electronic artists, so was hoping for a few other effects for synths, drum machines etc. Could have saved using a few external boxes.

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    Mike C

    What effects are you looking for?

    Two verbs and a delay can cover most of what I need.

    For what it’s worth out of the box the A&H effects sound much better
    than the X/M32 effects.

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    @mike C

    I was working over in Ireland about 4 years ago and the engineer was using an iLive, which as you know, the QU shares the same effects. So I copied his settings which I still use as they seemed to be the best that I could get out of the reverb. Regarding the X32, when I was on monitors for my mate who used the X32, I always liked the reverb that he got from it compared to the QU.

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    Delay repeats control? I’m only getting a faint 2 repeats on my delays, any function for adding more feedback or delay repeats?

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