Is it possible to add a DCA?

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    I was shocked at the lack of DCA’s. I bought this to replace my Soundcraft UI24R and the lack of DCA’s broke all my process. I’m currently working around it with iDCAs using Mixing Station, but this seems like a super simple thing to integrate into the app side of things with minimal cost to processing.



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    Surely you read the online manual or watched any of the online videos done by Keith from A&H showing you what features etc the CQ series have?

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    1, preferably 2 DCA’s please. for me Drums and Vocals are nice to have on DCA when mixing from stage.

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    Yes, DCAs please. I moved from a XR18 to the CQ20, and lack of DCAs is unfortunate. On the XR18, we had a DCA for the drums, a DCA for vocals, a DCA for all of the (non-drum) instruments, and a 4th one for the Effects, so we could easily mute them (for talking), or to reduce reverb in a reverby room.

    It’s particularly important for the drums and vocals.

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    Mixing station has iDCA feature already if you can’t wait for A&H to add it. It works great and you can add pseudo mute groups too. Very handy!

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    +1 for this feature. I just moved to CQ20B from an XR18, and I think DCAs and mute groups are the only real omission for the way i use it.

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    I’m Not sure if this is the right topic to post about here. I’m using the main outs for the tops and the aux for the sub, Because my speakers dont have a built in crossover, so I Set the EQ to act as a crossover. My problem is, when I want to raise or lower the overall volume, I need to do it 2 times, Once, at the main fader (for the tops) and the second time at the aux fader (for the sub). This is pretty disappointing, I haven’t expected this with the CQ18. Am I missing some Information on how to do it correctly? I read the manual, And played around a bit on the mixer to figure out a way to control Everything with one fader, but haven’t been able. Does anyone have any advice or can Tell me where is the appropriate place to post this question? Would be much appreciated, thank you.

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    See page 63 of the users manual, OUTPUT section:

    Input Send Levels (Out 1-6 only) – Select whether send levels from the inputs are
    Pre Fader (independent of send levels to the Main LR output) or Post Fader (they
    ‘follow’ and are relative to the send levels of inputs to the Main LR output).

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