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    Is there a way to change which Mix controls the recording volume on the USB B output when streaming to an iMac for recording?

    We have a QU-16, and it’s connected via USB B to an iMac for recording (in Logic, if that makes a difference). As it is now, LR controls our main speakers and that is also the mix that is used for recording volumes. There are times where I would like the speaker and recording volumes to be different, but I’m not finding a setting that will allow me to change which mix controls the recording volume (i.e. use Mix3 for recording volume, while LR controls main speaker volume). I have searched through the internet and this forum and am not finding an answer.

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    Dick Rees


    I am in your situation more often than not. Here’s the easy way:

    Run your PA/live sound via the Alt Out so you can use the independent level control pot located next to the headphone pot.

    Use your main L/R faders to establish optimum streaming level to the Mac.

    Done and done.

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    Hi Chris and Dick,

    we have the QU-32 at our church and I have a similar frustration with the recording level coming out of the USB-B into Logic for recording. What I am trying (and seems to be working), is changing the routing of the Main L-R audio at it’s pre-fader level to a Matrix mix (both L-R) and then routing this Matrix L to channel 31 on the I/O countrol and the Matrix R to Channel 32. Then in Logic, I select dual channel recording and record in stereo both channels 31 and 32. This allows me to boost the output level of the Matrix into the Mac and into Logic when recording. It is not yet perfect for what I want, but it is a step in the right direction.

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