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    Hi – can anyone tell me if there is a nifty way to control scenes for a big musical. I will have over 100 scenes (really just wanting to programme mute/unmute). I wondered whether it was possible to do this via linking to an app or a MacBook app of some sorts. Not sure if there is a native companion application that would allow more than the standard 100 scenes or whether anyone has done it via controlling via MIDI from an external app rather than using scenes at all?

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    Mike C

    You can only store 100 scenes in the mixers, you can create show files that contain the scenes saved on the mixer. Show files are saved to a USB stick, after the first show file is saved build up the next group of scenes and save another show file with a different name.
    At some point during the show you would need to load the next show file into the mixer.

    To control scene recalls look at the Q Control app, you can custom program buttons on that for many functions, including scene recalling.

    You can turn off the scene load verification option so the selected scene loads with a single button push.

    The soft key buttons can be programmed for scene recall functions as well.

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    Use a Theatrical control app on your Mac that can control your soundboard with MIDI.

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    Rafael A&H

    Hello Steve,

    For quick control of scenes I suggest using Soft keys, it is very easy to program.
    The amount of scenes will relay on the mixer itself, no external application would be able to increase these.
    However, just for your reference, SQ mixers offer up to 300 scenes.

    Whether is with QU or SQ, another very practical way of controlling scenes is through an external software using MIDI such as QLab.
    If you most stick with QU and still need more than 100 scenes, you might want to look into creating all your Mute/Unmute cues directly from QLab and trigger them as QLab group cues, rather than switching scenes in the console.
    You can create a group containing multiple cues that would Mute or Unmute different channels in the mixer and trigger these simultaneously by triggering the group.

    For your reference:


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