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    I went looking for the GLD Remote forum however I couldnt find one?
    On downloading the App and after using the QuPad app.
    To me there has definately been a progressive growth pattern here.
    So both apps are in a way similair …
    The QUPad app has no gain control
    The GLD Remote app has what looks like a gain control but no Phantom power switch?
    I dont have a GLD… is that a full gain control on the GLD Remote app?
    I do like the Channel EQ section of the QUPad app but the demo version of the GLD Remote dosnt have very good EQ by comparrison to the QUPad app…
    Of course this might be only in the demo mode?

    After spending what seems like a century on stage setting up bands on the fly being able to turn phantom on/off and adjust gain and monitor EQ seems like pretty much essential now.
    I Mean im a real convert to this iPad stuff.
    From my last out door job where side of stage mixer did all of the basics and then i just walked around out FOH, that was a pretty much best enjoyable job I have done in years.
    Especially when all of the names appeared on my iPad.

    I am suppose-ing the new DLive app will be the answer from ?

    So are the QUPad app and GLD App in their final evolutionary stages?
    Where we will see no gain on QUPad and No Phantom on GLD-Remote?

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    The GLD remote app definitely has pad and phantom power buttons, located on the same “Preamp” tab of the input processing screen as the gain slider. You do need to hold the phantom button for a couple of seconds to change its state.

    I’ve never used the Qu-pad app, but just looked at a YouTube demo that definitely showed preamp gain control on an input channel when it was routed to a preamp (as opposed to USB). So I don’t agree with your assertion that the Qu-pad app lacks gain control either.

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    Appolgies.. Yes you’re correct.
    I dont know how I missed that in the QuPad?

    And I found the phantom in the GLD Remote.
    The 48volt switch is not on the Demo model of the GLD Remote app.
    I used YouTube to find that. 😐
    It looks different in the Demo app.

    I dont physically have a GLD…
    I think I’m trying to justify why I should get one.
    Its surface area I like like the QU32

    Thanks for that.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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