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    Early on in my career I did a few shows where I had to send only certain words to the delay FX (like the last words of the chorus or something, I don’t really remember). This got me in the habit of mixing from the FX sends rather than the returns. It’s certainly easy enough to lay out the faders how I want on the dLive, but there’s not an easy way to cue the FX returns without doubling the FX fader count. My current work-around is to use some soft keys to cue FX returns, but it occurred to me the other day that I don’t think I’ve ever had a need to the FX sends. Can we get a “Always PAFL the Return” toggle or something? Maybe in the “Back Panel” screen of each FX unit, or in that empty space to the right of the return fader in the FX screen?

    Similarly, can we get an option for an FX send’s mute button to be momentary instead of latching? For when it’s just single words or lines that we want to effect?

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