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    Paavo Kurkela


    I would like to suggest few features:

    -Possibility to assign talkback groups in one Soft Key.
    For example I would like to assign two soft keys for talkback use. Another opens lines to all band members and another for crew

    -More sources (like groups / matrixes) for Ext Ip to PAFL.
    For example I would like to have mix of few talkback mics (one at foh, one on drum riser, one on guitar world) and be able to
    listen them all through PAFL

    -Possibility to send one track in two or more channels in Virtual Soundcheck and make different patch for recording and playback.
    For example I have my lead vocal splitted in two different channels, one for IEM mix another for wedges.
    Due it’s same track in my DAW I would like to be able assign one track to both of my channels. Now I have to make assignements
    in DAW and/or Dante patch

    -Possibility to assign programable button as a “Mix” at IP8 controller.

    -Soft Keys in Mixpad
    Would like to use talkback groups and tap tempo in Mixpad


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    Would like to see these as well.

    Trick for TB Bus into the PAFL, is to loop your Talk AUX into an FX in the FX rack, and then you can use the output of the rack into the Ext Input. I just use a Deesser.

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    Nr one could be achieved by using two input channels with your TB input sent into the different setups, then assigning a mute to two softkeys. Channel safe it in global if you use a lot of scenes.

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