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    Hi all, Had a sq6 for a week now. I mix from stage and run 3 iem mixes via aux outs for the band and Mx1 out for me so i get FOH mix with fx. After an hour or so, my mix and one aux mix looses all bottom end and sounds really compressed. It seems to happen after we recorded a stereo mix onto the usb stick and played it back. turning the desk on and off doesn’t reset. This has happened at both rehearsals. Any ideas? Thanks

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    Have you checked if any parameters have changed? Have you checked, if you IEM devices are gettings problems after some time?

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    Thanks for the reply. Can’t see any change in the parameters and the iems are hard wired via xlr to the various headphone transmitter boxes and because we are rehearsing, headphones are hard wired out. We are meeting up next week, see what happens then

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    KeithJ A&H

    @ABKK if it was only when playing it back, and because you mention loosing low end, I would recommend checking that you do not have a phase issue somewhere.

    This could be caused in the desk by doing something like playing back the same source on multiple channels with polarity inversion or extra latency on one of those channels.
    There are also stereo options on input channels that could cause problems if used incorrectly.

    In the analogue domain, and as you mention using IEM’s, ensure that you are not using balanced outputs to feed stereo inputs (though issues with this should be apparent instantly rather than after a couple of hours!).


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