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    Let’s put aside the fact DX168 is a stage box and it can be used on a distance from SQ.
    I’ve seen somewhere and some time ago, that DX168 has better preamps and DAC/ADC than the local SQ ones. Someone even mentioned that they are exactly the same as on dLive(???) I can’t find this info now. So if someone could comment on those detail, it would be interesting to know.
    The info on which particular DAC/ADCs are used on SQ, DX, and dLive would be very valuable. Also, if someone could share their experience of using DX168 vs local i/o, it would be nice!

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    I can’t comment on the preamps or DACs used but use DX168s regularly with both SQ and dLive. I’ve never A/B’d the local I/O on the SQ to those of the DX since I run most of the stuff through the DX and only music playback, and a mic or 2 on the local I/O. I can however say that the sound of the dLive and the SQ are pretty much identical using the DX168. Both sound excellent!

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    Pursuant to AM. Music & Sound the DX168 is all D-Live and the SQ line has it’s own pres and converters. In my studio I have a Digigrid IOS & IOX with Digico “D” pres–the SQ5 pres & DX168 pres and have worked with a Digico S21 that belongs to a friend. The most important thing to remember is that all of these devices offer outstanding pre amps and converters and most of them feature world class FPGA or comparable Waves processing: any measurable/perceivable differences will be very small if possibly detectable at all.

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