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    i do corporate AV and one feature that would be amazing would be the ability to have a side chain or ducker on a music channel from a microphone. It never fail, in the wild you are playing back ground music over a meal or break ( and the AV tech needs those from time to time) and someone comes up to the mic to make an announcement. it would be amazing for the music to reduce while the speaking and then ramp up when they stop, it doesn’t have to be on all channels, just a couple.

    Thank you for taking my suggestion, let me know if you have any questions.

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    At present you need SQ range or higher for DUCKER function on compression.

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    Actually Qu range also has ducker, so CQ is only range without, if we keep asking it could happen. Bearing in mind how many improvements have been added in V1.2

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    +1 for a ducking function, as I also want to talk over a playback on AV shows

    In principle, you could use the AMM feature to build a ducking function.
    The most universal approach would be to add a sidechain to the compressor and the gate 😉

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    +1 Yes, but probably it would be better to add sidechain to compressor and gate. Then you can even do more, than only ducker. Open new “sidechain”-request.

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    +1 on side chain eq/compressor

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    Another +1 for sidechain compression. TBH I was kind of surprised this wasn’t included from the get-go.

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