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    I recently bought a Qu-Pac for live performance. We’re noticing a subtle thumping or popping sound coming continuously from the mixer. Almost sounds digital? See attached sample.

    I did a few basic tests – unplugged every input from the mixer, only running two XLRs from the main l/r out. Then tried different power sources. But am still hearing it…

    Has anyone else experienced this or knows what to do about it? Is this normal?

    I’m new to the Qu- world so any advice would be much appreciated!

    Firmware of our mixer is 1.95 – Rev 4561


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    If you PAFL L/R does it also show up in the headphones (does the QU-PAC have a headphone jack?)? Try different XLR cables? Does it show in the meters and the spectrum display?

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    Mike C

    Did it do this right out of the box or start after you used it for a show or two?
    Check that you do not have anything routed back into it self, like the effects.

    See if you do hear it in the headphones (front upper left hand corner is the jack).
    Check and see if it is on the ALT OUTS, by default there set to L R out, double check
    in IO routing.

    Do a full reset and test it.

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    Have you double checked its not the signal generator? Setup-Audio-Sig Gen, make sure its not on?

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