Default IP Settings type for Ethernet should be "Automatic"

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    It currently defaults to Manual but for many that will result in no connectivity and a need to reset the wifi settings etc.

    If it defaulted to Automatic, users are more likely to be successful switching over to an external router.

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    I 100% agree with you – especially for this series of consoles specifically designed with features for the “inexperienced” engineer.

    A&H on the other hand believes static IP addresses are the best way to handle network traffic. In their defense, there are timing/booting issues with some of their consoles if the console is set for DHCP and no DHCP server is found. (Mind you I believe this is a self induced programming issue because no other network device have this problem, but that is for another discussion). Therefore it’s pretty much “policy” that their consoles are set by default for static IP addresses.

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    KeithJ A&H

    This has been logged as a MixPad bug.
    It’s not that the default settings of the Ethernet connection are set to Manual, it’s that when switching to Manual using CQ-MixPad, it will select Manual first. Meaning if nothing else is changed, pressing Apply will switch to a Manual IP setup.
    Carrying out a full or Ethernet reset of the 20B will result in Automatic address assignment.
    Switching to Ethernet on the 18T (via touchscreen) will result in Automatic address assignment.
    By default, Automatic address assignment is set on the 12T.
    So it’s just CQ-MixPad and only when switching from built-in WiFi to Ethernet without any changes that there will be an issue. (still a bug though!)


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