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    I am a recent adopter of the GLD platform for my personal use. In other roles I spend a significant amount of time working on more “pro” level desks (pro more so by price point than anything): CL5, Midas Pro Series, Avid Profile, etc…..

    Overall, this desk is a fantastic value doing 95% of what desks 10x it’s cost do. For my application I appreciate the point to point routing as opposed to a networked solution. However, there are two items missing that compromise my “workflow.” Two features that I feel would be realatively easy to implement.

    First, a DCA spill feature where hitting the mix button brings up the channels assigned to the DCA, similar to the way the mix button works for the Auxs. This one seems like a no brainier because the workflow is already in place and makes working with 30 plus inputs much more efficient on the GLD 80 surface.

    Second, please please please consider adding a key input for the compressor side chain. This is essential for ducking in a corporate environment and invaluable for “vocal on top” mixes in popular radio genres. I’m using the auto mixer as a work around for the ducker, but it isn’t quite as elegant without adjustable fade/decay times. It’s too abrupt for live music use.

    I know the GLD is a mature product at this point, but I have to imagine the novelty of “big boy” functionality at the current price point would have to move product. There are still plenty of other features to separate the GLD from the DLIVE C series, like channel count, number of option card slots, networked audio, etc…

    Thanks for your consideration.

    -Brandon Wright

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    After further investigation, I see that the qu series has a ducker and the dlive has dca spills. The development is already there.

    So the question is, like I see has been asked many times already on this forum, whether or not the GLD will be continue to be supported through firmware updates? Mostly rhetorical, as I’m sure A&H couldn’t say anything even if something was in the plans. Just me talking out loud, to myself.

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    Just received an email today in response to a support ticket and it sounds like the GLD is “a current product and is still in active development.” Both of these would be incredibly useful features, and like you said – the development already exists. It seems the GLD is the forgotten middle child of the A&H line-up right now, which is sad.

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    It’s very sad not to have a key input on side chain of compressors :-((((((

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