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    Greetings all,

    I’m a QU user but im off to do a gig in Poland this week and they have provided a GLD, so im going through the manual to check what i need to know!

    Just can’t get clarity on creating stereo auxes for the IEM’s and i need 8 stereo aux’s

    Thought it might be in the ganging setup but i can’t see any auxes available to be ganged (In the manual) hopefully things will be obvious once in front of the desk, but we’re time limited flying in and sound checking the same evening.

    Thanks for any help Chris

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    The first thing we need to clarify is will you also be using the ME-1 monitor system or not. If using the ME-1’s then you don’t need to create any Aux sends. By default the first 40 input strips are sent to the ME-1 monitors for you to select from. (see picture below) you can select up to 16 different sources for the band to monitor that the band can mix for themselves. (more if you use groups, ie you can put all the drums in a group). If you are NOT being provided the ME-1’s then you can easily build 8 aux stereo groups. Just go tot the Setup > Config tab then dial up the number of stereo aux’s you want. A point of clarification… The GLD has a total of twenty output mixes (including Mains) so if you dial up Mains L/R then 8 Stereo Aux’s you have used 18 or your 20 outputs. This is fine if you use DCA’s to control your mix. If you however are old school and like true Sub Groups, they each eat up an output. Hope this helps.

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    Thats brilliand thank you sir. Setup> mixer Config is what i was looking for.

    I am using ME-1’s for the static musicians and thats seems identical to the QU operation so yeah its just to make sure i can quickly configure all the IEM’s that the singers and frontline use.

    Regards Chris

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