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    I’ll start by saying that I don’t know much about audio equipment so any help is great! Thanks in advance!
    Last year my employer purchased a new QU-24 mixer for the church he pastors and he asked me to help him set it up. The way it is currently is pretty straight forward. All the stage mics are plugged into the QU-24 using XLR cables, then out of the QU-24 and into the amps, and then out of the amps and to the stage monitors. Now this week he purchased a new AB168 that we are trying to add to the mix using the DSnake connection, but we can’t seem to get everything working with the amps in the equation. It does work if I just plug the Mics into AB168 and then out to the monitors, but the sound was pretty low and a bit distorted. Does anyone have any instructions for me on setting this thing up? I’m thinking its just a routing problem but we can’t seem to get anything out of the monitors with the amps involved.
    Thanks again!
    And also, is there somewhere I could check out some detailed information for this dsnake connection? I’ve only been able to find quick notes about it on the different A&H mixer manuals.

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    I presume you are gong through the channel setup again – the gain structure is different between the QU and AR

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    David Haughton

    Beat me to it Bob!

    Hi Scott, signal flow is fairly similar, except you are using the AB168 instead of the local I/O.

    Make sure you’ve switched channel input sources to dSnake in the channel processing ‘Fn’ Source menu,
    and patched your outputs accordingly under Setup > I/O patch > dSnake Out.

    Let us know how you get on.

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