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    Does anyone know of any great training videos for the Qu-32? Looking for a good series that starts with the basics and then gets more complex to introduce some of my newer volunteers to the board.

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    New volunteers – something generic, not board specific. Musicademy or some such.

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    A&H has published a set of tutorials that can be downloaded and placed on your QU for training purposes. There are a couple of “gotchas” associated with these, so be sure to read all the documentation about these before trying to use them.

    A couple of years ago, I created a list of resources for our mixer operators that should get you started.
    This page has links to the A&H videos and well as a link to a YouTube list of these tutorials, plus some training videos published by others in the user community.

    There are also other links to more generic audio technology, mostly basic stuff. Since we don’t know the level of training that your volunteers have, you should review these links to see what is appropriate for you.

    In our case, we didn’t need all the input channels of the QU32, and I was able to set up our mixer so that our operators can use the Custom Fader Layer to control all their inputs and mixes, plus use all 4 DCAs in a special setup for our recordings. They operate at the Standard User access level and do not have access to the other layers. This won’t work for everyone, but it was a lifesaver for us.

    This web page was designed to be accessed from a CD where many of the videos and other documents could be accessed from the CD. On the page, these are called Local links. Don’t try to use these. (And yes, I know a couple of the links display incorrectly on the page.)

    Here is the link you need: Operator Training Page

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    What is the context of your user base? When I introduced the QU32 to our church, my volunteers were used to an analog A&H GL2200 so I produced the following videos to help them out.

    Whether they are “great” is up to you (they could definitely be better) but they seem to have been popular.

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    Just FYI – There is a link to the above video in the web page I mentioned earlier.

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