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    I’m currently using a fully analog setup (midas heritage) in a house of worship and am looking at getting an avantis setup.

    I’m trying to figure out what is the cheapest snake option that will do what we need.

    -The goal would be to have 48 channels minimum (64 would be better).
    -we run a broadcast setup with pro tools so I need a way to send direct outs via dante.
    -We have a very tight budget and are trying to do this as cheaply as possible

    I was looking at the GX4816 but it doesn’t have a way to get dante out of it that I can see.
    *If I got the dante card for the avantis, is it possible to send direct outs of the 48 incoming channels to my pro tools rig?

    *I also saw the GLD-AR2412 but I’m a bit confused on that one. Does that unit connect directly to the Avantis, or does it require a different stage box to operate (It says “expander” which is why I’m confused)?
    *If it does connect directly, can you stack two of them for 48 channels?

    and lastly, kinda off topic, but if you purchase the “regular” avantis can you add the “DEEP” plug-ins at a later date?

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    Only the DT168 would allow for direct Dante splitting. But A&H consoles have tie lines which can direct from preamp split. You could use direct outs as well to any output/card. The AR2412 is from the GLD system and runs at 48k which locks the slink connection to 48k for everything on the chain. Plus the GX has “better” pre amps.

    You can upgrade to Deep package after the fact. And you want it 🙂

    Dante cards are hard to get right now so order asap.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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