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    I would love to see the AMM logic respect channel mute buttons. It would appear by reading the block diagrams that the AMM will listen to the level of all assigned channels when making attenuation decisions, even if some of those channels are muted.

    I have found the AMM function to work well in some of our theatrical applications. One scenario was having a series of belt packs that were generally in continuous use but with scene transitions that took a subset of the performers off stage for a few minutes at a time. In these cases, the desire is to simply mute the strip and have the AMM smart enough to actively mix the AMM strips that were not muted (aka still on stage). I believe that the way it is currently managed, if an off stage actor were subject to a loud environment or noise backstage it could cause the AMM circuitry to attenuate what was happening on stage even if the backstage mics were muted.


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    Pit Lenz

    We use Waves` Dugan Mixer through an M-Waves card with a similar setup for theatrical situations.
    Instead of simply inserting the Dugan, we use direct outs (instead of insert sends) as sends and regular insert return as returns. Then we can check “Direct out follows mute” in GLD`s Pull-up menue.
    Now muted channels are muted to Dugan`s trigger as well…

    …and yes, a +1 for this feature in GLD`s own “faux Dugan” as well, this would be VERY HELPFUL if you stick to onboard tools…


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    +1. Aren’t Dugan automixers usually deployed post-fader as well?

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    Dugan is best deployed ‘post-mute’ IMHO so the muted channels don’t contribute to the gain pool. Yamaha LS9s added this insert point just for Dugan in a software update. Allen heath should enable this, should be easy.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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