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    Hey folks!

    Finally getting around to mapping out DAW/Midi controls on my dLive. I noticed that even though I have both protocols starting on boot, I still have to tell them to connect manually. Is there a way to make them connect to my dLive automatically on boot without using something like Automator on a mac? Thanks Much!

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    I’d say no as it’s a networksession you have to start.


    I’d definitely like to see an auto-connect feature in future updates. The driver already automatically stores the last IP I entered, seems like an oversight not to have it at least attempt to automatically reconnect. I mean, I’m literally clicking a “connect,” button. It should be easy to add an, “attempt connection on startup,” button, no?

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    Yes, but it’s not a special dLive issue in my understanding.

    At least under OSX they use rtp MIDI. And with every Start of OSX you have to ope the networkconection, regardless if you’re connections several Macs or a dLive and a Mac.

    One “Master” has to open the session, and than all other can participate. That’s beyond dLive functionality, so I really doubt that it can be done so easy, as it’s not foreseen in OSX (and I guess also in Windows).

    If the Mac doen’t alow “Auto reconnect” how should the dLive handle this?

    I maybe wrong, but I did a lot Midi-remote control over LAN on tours (no dLive involved) and even I would love to see the Macs connect automatically there is no such feature so far.



    RE: Macs, You can actually accomplish automatic reconnect with Automator. I’ve made several scripts for shows in the past to make it easy for volunteers running the thing. It’s not perfect, but it definitely works.

    For dLive – I have to run A&H DAW driver, which is coded by A&H, so why would they not be able to add an automatic connection attempt feature to a software they designed/coded? That’s a completely separate process from opening an OSX network midi session, so the same rules shouldn’t necessarily apply.

    By your logic, my Ableton OSC command session should also HAVE to be manually reconnected upon startup. However, there is an automatic connection feature I’ve built in to the Max patch running those commands. I guess what I’m saying is that, given the number of workarounds I can conceive as a non-coding individual, the, “because native OSX TCP behaves this way, a third-party software must as well,” argument doesn’t hold any water whatsoever.

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