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    Hi Guys,

    let me first introduce myself. I am from South Africa and have just purchased a Allen & Heath Qu-16c. Super excited and really impressed with the mixer. The one thing I am struggling with a bit is the FX.

    What I need for the type of set ups I do is individual FX per channel. I need to add at least 2 FX mixes to a single channel. I know that there are limited amount of pre-loaded Effects. Are there additional effects that can be downloaded and loaded onto the mixer?

    Example: I would add reverb Hall Large and add a chorus to it. So can I combine these effects?

    Then how would I add this to a selected channel?

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    Hi Chino

    There are only 4 effects units in the Qu series of desks. Additionally, on the Qu-16 there are only two “traditional” effects send busses – though you can use two of the mix busses to run effects 3 & 4 if you wish to use them all in this way.

    So using the effects send bus, you can send any combination of channels to any effects unit, which will process them all together, and send the mixed result back through the effects return channels.

    You can combine effects by sending signal to two effects units at once, or by sending the effects return signal to another effect unit. Depends on how you want it to sound.

    Alternatively, each effects unit can be set to receive its input from just one channel, and return it either to the effects return, or back to the channel it came from.

    Have a read of pages 55 & 56 of the manual for more info.

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    Thanks Mark,

    have read the manual.

    makes sense.

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