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    OK, so i dont know how many of your are doing FOH/Monitor setups with dual racks and surfaces…we now own a T112 and an R72 with an iDr48 and an iDR16.
    this setup works wonderfully well with the ACE cards interfacing the two systems…however….

    We are running into the issue of who controls head amp agins etc…
    now we delegate this task to monitors strickly, but it would be good if FOH knew if cahnges were made. in an ideal work , you could just turb gain tracking on once everyone was happy with all gains etc and then bamo, if changes were made to gain at monitors, trim at FOH would auto change…but this has issues with it too…and some of them invole patents i believe.
    so… what i am suggesting it to have on the FOH console (once enabled) an indication of if and by how much the gain has been adjusted if required from the monitors console…
    this should appear right next to the digital trim control in the preamp window. eventually once the second monitor gets used properly and isnt just a clone of the main touch screen then pop-up windows could appear on channels that have had cain changes made so that FOH could adjust accordingly with our massive ramifications to the show.

    please add your thoughts to this…

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    After gain is initially set why not put both consoles onto “Trim on Surface”, that way there is no interference FOH to Monitors. you both have + and – 24dB I would have thought that should be enough. This system seems to work for me.
    Gain tracking is quite a complex issue, the only other option I would think is dual mic amps as in the XL8 which is considerably more expensive.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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