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    Would be awesome to have the option of ‘thinning’ the sliders width in order to display more sliders at once.
    I would love to see 16 sliders … and maybe also increase the sliders length for more subtle adjustments … (even if it means loosing some of the upper space) If you would ‘tap’ the slider, the sliders would come back to the current height..

    I’m using a QU-PAC and currently using my iPhone as QU-CONTROL and already have setup 12-15 sliders for quick volume adjustment but the iPad / Qu-PAD is still the ideal way to control the QU mixer…

    Maybe also increase the actual slider length a little…

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    Have 2 rows of 8-12 SLIDERS for a total of 16-24 SLIDERS in example PERFORMANCE MODE …
    as soon as you touch one, the current display will kick in (Sliders on bottom and LR / PEQ / GEQ / COMPRESSOR in top region)
    When you Touch it again, it would jump back to the 16-24 SLIDERS PERFORMANCE MODE

    This way we could have an overall display of up to 24 LIVE SLIDERS for very quick IPAD adjustments

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    Yes, I would like to see an option for half width sliders to get 16 per page in the iPad QU app.

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    Maybe have a TOGGLE button in the far top left corner in the Qu-PAD App which quickly changes the current Display settings
    (8 Sliders and Top Row LR / EQ / GEQ / COMPRESSOR view) TO a Dedicated 16 CH Slider Display …

    When touching the TOGGLE button again, it would quickly flip back to it’s previous display …

    This way in the thinned out 16 Sliders width VIEW, the Sliders could possibly be longer to give more delicate adjustments (like the slider in Qu-Control APP)

    Also keep the 16 CH+ view to its bare minimum of features (eg. only have MUTE button ontop of SLIDER) as all the other feature and buttons will be available once in its original view …

    I could see the 16 CH thinned slider view to be my MAIN DISPLAY 90% of the time when having to adjust CH Volumes in LIVE Band mixing situations and only quickly TOGGLING to previous VIEW to dial in some EQ, Compression changes etc..)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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