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Hey Brosco, I have the same routing problem and am finding it difficult to record the effects from QU16 into PT11.

As stated on other forums (answered by Nicola) simultaneous live recording and playback can be achieved however we are finding that when we play back the recording in the DAW (QU16 disconnected)it is ‘dry’ without the great vocal effects from QU16, therefore clearly we are not routing the efx correctly to be recorded?

I have setup as follows if something proverbially is way wrong I would appreciate some guidance.

Current setup QU16:

I am connected via USB

Processing Global USB source “USB B Streaming”

Ch1 vocal
Ch2 vocal
Ch3 vocal
Ch4 guitar
Ch5 guitar
Ch6-12 drums

FX 1 routed as ch>return input ST3
FX 2 routed as ch>return input ST3
FX 3 routed as ch>return input ST3

I understand the the ST3 output patch from QU16 is ch 22/23, however I am unsure if all 3 effects that we are using should all go to ST3?

Current setup DAW (PT 11)

Inputs Ch 1-16 mono

Outputs Not sure what these need to be set to? I am thinking that they need to be set to ch. 21/22 which is ST3?

I guess the other thing I am thinking of here is should the effect be inserted in to the individual channels?

I welcome any comments with open arms, I have spent many hours which is detracting from my creativeness :(. I am sure it is a simple issue, if I had Nicolas engineering for 5 minutes:) wow would be solved