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I only rarely need to do what you are doing, but a question – do you have soundcheck time to do this kind of presets? Or, if you know what you want, do the changes before a show, in rehearsal time, or at midnight if you have to, or something?

If it helps you feel better, I did a musical show in our music venue with over 40 scene changes, similarly with musicians changing instrumnts and singers changing mic positions, EQ, levels, etc. It took a few days to get the scenes set up. THeN at the last minute, they decided to record the show – and on the Soundcraft Vi4, all 24 channels had to have the direct outs assigned in every one of the 40 scenes individually. Three engineers racing through the scenes and we only missed a couple of direct outs the first day… If we had set the directs before making the different scenes, they all would have been on direct. Or if we’d had a Qu! 🙂
(Now I keep directs assigned in the template I start with, even if not needed at the start!)

It takes a lot of prep time for this kind of thing! What you want to do seems simple, really, just takes careful planning.

Best luck!