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Had the same problem on my T112. It was an empty backup battery CR2032 on the main pcb.
I desoldered and soldered 2 leads with a battery holder.
Now i can remove the side plate and pop in a new one when i get the white screen.You have to change some screen resolution 600*800 settings in Bios after replacing battery. Attach keyboard and mouse and go into bios settings at startup.
The battery drains down quickly because the T112 sits in the shop more than it goes out.( i have a pro2C now).Had to change 2 times already.
Same here ,more problems with the T112 ( screen,battery, had to replace all caps on the switches) then the R72.
R72/idr48 is my little work horse.
Think the new generation Q en GLD are better mechanical /component wise.
ilive is still very configurable setup and the effects are top notch. Whish i had the same effects on my pro2C