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It is possible to store and recall EQ,comp, etc settings.. there’s a second tab in the setup-menu just next to the show presets! (first i didn’t recognised that as well, but it’s also possible for example to copy a GEQ-Setting from one show to another show with the copy/paste buttons on the surface!

For the AUXes… if you just want to control individually the Master-Volume, then you could use a Matrix for example! Just assign the AUX 1 – MIX to the specific number of Matrixes you want to use and assign them in the I/O Screen to the output socket that you want! Then you just have to mix 1 AUX Channel but the Master-Volume of each Speaker that you assigned to it is controlled individually.

However… there is always a solution on GLD that will work for you… in my Mind it’s better to have the needed number of AUXes and after the first Mixdown of an AUX you copy the sends-level to all of the others… fine-tuning for each musician can be done easier and also the GEQ of each monitor can be different even it’s the same brand and model! (It also depends where it is placed, which ears does hear it, etc…)

GLD-80 / AR2412 / AR84 / Qu-16