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Many points are valid.
I certainly, and many users and sound companies make capital investments. We can agree that the technology changes are even more rapid today. I do appreciate the opportunity to make suggestions and this forum is also a learning tool for many. If I would recommend anything other then bells & whistles and a feature set that is competitive to other models, I would ask that Allen & Heath officially create its own string or blog with regular interaction on upcoming (maybe not to specific) changes to the software. I see many points or feature suggestions in different topics, and maybe the messages get lost and or its simply not possible to do at this time. I appreciate many of the changes with the new version which are good upgrades. I, and maybe other users just don’t know what changes may or may not be coming, and we get disappointed quickly, which may even alter a decision point on a purchase. Our customers bands, churches, etc- have needs and requirements, and no system can match everyones desire 100%. However, I would like to be “excited” or hyped on something that could be coming…that is just marketing 101.


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