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Hi all

We are aware that there have been a few issue with Editor connection in some of our earlier versions of Editor, when running on Microsoft Windows Vista or Microsoft Windows 7. As far as we are aware, these issues were resolved back in v1.60. Please check to see your running at least v1.60 (or preferably 1.70).

If your running Windows Vista or Windows 7: Please also check that when you start running editor, you only double click on the shortcut or executable. And that you’re not right clicking on the shortcut/exe and selecting ‘Run as administrator’ as this is known to cause issues. Please also check under the advanced properties of the shortcut/exe that you haven’t selected ‘Run as administrator’. If you have enabled this option, it may explain your problems above. Have you ever enabled either of these options on the version of Editor your currently running?

With regards to Editor disconnecting over WiFi. What was the signal strength of the WiFi at the time? Could there have been other Access Points on a similar wireless channel numbers interfering with your AP?

If you’ve tried the above, and have no luck, might be worth contacting our Technical Support Department, to see if they can advise you further.

Sam A&H