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I used CLA3 comp on Bass DI, and API pre-amp with CLA Bluey on Vocs,
all on analog in/out at the surface.
Then I used the RenComp-Renbass-L2 on the L&R using SPDIF.
As for the analog I understand the AD-DA isn’t optimal.
Sounded great at the rehearsals but then I was in a different room, away from the band.
So I didn’t feel the delay/latency…
Maybe I should try to put the master comp in serie, or send L&R out on SPDIF to the Audio card,
then out to the House on analog, or digital
A bit risky though, having a sound card and computer a your “end-of-the-line”
If it went down you would have to re-patch a couple of things.
I know the expression “when in digtal, stay digital…”
But it would be cool, if it could work a little bit even