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Hi Fernando

To reset passwords on your iLive system turn off the system move jumper 8 in iDR10 – iDR0 or dip switch 4 on T-Series mixracks to the ON position. Then power On the system wait for system to connect then power the system off. Set the jumper or dip switch back to the OFF position. Your passwords will now have been reset

User Names, User Permissions and user default scene at startup will all be reset to factory default settings.

Sam A&H

I am not going to question your knowledge, but I had documentation telling me it was jumper 7 (for the 144 and IDR). I am now wondering if my documentation is wrong, this was changed with a firmware update, or maybe it was a typo in your post. Can you set me straight?

Info from:
iLive Service Hard Reset and Memory Location Issue 2 CP 01-06-07 page 3