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Not really looked at T48 my iDR10 has twin PSU’s and each one is fed via it’s own IEC connector and each of these has a P-clip nearby use this and it takes a very determined Muppet to kick out the power cable.

I feed both the mix rack and the surface from separate UPS devices mounted in associated racks, just in case of faults with local power. I use 1400VA types which easily give me 20 minutes of running on battery. It just means that if the power goes off whilst I am saving files there is no problem. All the Diggico/Diggidesign guys I know do a similar thing. Also use the UPS to run my Fibre converter for the desk to rack links and the WiFi interface.The one in my FOH rack also powers the surface redundant PSU.
Usually use the Power off switch on the UPS to turn off the mix rack, thought the power switches on the rack are accessible I am just lazy.

This may seem a bit over the top but it works for me.[:D]