• There is also a trick by using a group bus. You can assign an external steeo input paur and will work almost the same as a normal input. You will miss the gate dynamics. And off course it costs 2 busses….

    For small shows I use this when I really need a stereo fader in stead of a ganged one.


  • Hi,

    Yesterday I was asked to record a XY mic near FOH to USB stick. So I put the mics on input 41-42 and patched the direct out to the USB Rec. So far so good, but then the VU metering is gone in the USB Playback / Record screen. So I lost the last stage of check that I did it all right and the recording will be as I configured it.

    Is this a bug…[Read more]

  • Easy to fix with scenes. Just do a store / recall of the channelstrips and you are there. Yes it takes some management but if you do decent show prepping I don’t see any problem.

    For some shows I use this solution.

  • The SQ looks like an upgraded Qu. It has the straight forward setup like the Qu, but more functions like side-chain for Gate / Comp , but lacks 8 FX send busses for all FX units (it has 4). Also the mixbus idea is Qu like (switchable between bus or aux). Ok it is a 96k console. As I look the GLDs (and dLive) eco system is better than SQ. And why…[Read more]

  • Not possible. You can do a LPF with the parametric EQ on an output bus. But is is 12 dB/oct.

    Together with the graphic EQ you may achieve 24 dB/oct when the crossover point is carfully chosen.. I don’t know how phasing will be.


  • It is just getting used to the system which is ok.
    When you make a library it is stored into the show you are in. So when you copy the config / show it is all there when you move to another GLD.

    When saving librarys to USB you are able to make your default settings for anything you like in every show you are in. the only thing which is a pain is…[Read more]

  • Each show has its own library. But you can save them on an USB stick. Libs from
    USB are always shown.

  • You could ty replacing the internal USB cabling. I had an issue that caused loss of communication with DSP board. Rebooting restores te connection. Replacing the UsB cabling (with original A&H spare parts) solved it this issue. Sounds strange, but it can be fatige of the cabling or some sort of corroded USB connectors.


  • Hi,

    Last year I had a few shows in a theatre where the channelcount was 43 (AR2412 + 2x AR0804 + 3x local input). Recorded it all using a Windows Laptop running Cubase through Dante.

    In the beginning I had some clocking issues, so forced dante to use the GLD clock.

    Managing the GLD80 layout is more interesting… To keep my workflow clean I had…[Read more]

  • Good thinking, but this is not possible. The USB channel (47-48) is the internal audio player. As you need a extra local input I suggest you use a simple mic to line converter and use the RCA input (45-46-47-48)..

    The USB slots work only for mice, keyboards and USB memory sticks (with audio or show files). And off course, you can charge your…[Read more]

  • You can trick a surface reset by changing IP settings of the GLD. Audio will not stop.


  • Yes it works

    You need 1 dante card per console

    No swith required. You can connect the multitrack recorder to the secondary ethernet port of the dante card. It must te configured in switch mode.

    Yes you can still use a 2412 and split it for FOH. For each dsp channel you can choose any input in the patch section or pre-amp page of the channel…[Read more]

  • Works but you have a clocking issue. You will hear ticks and gliches.

  • Are you using a matrix to feed the livestream ? If so, try routing it Pre-Mains LR and set the matrix out to unity. aldough I think you are running all levels relativly low if you have noise on outputs.


  • Most of the time I use this setup:

    FX1 : H481 live with a time of +/- 1,5 sec – Vocals
    FX2 : Delay long with 50% feedback – Vocals (on global tap 1/4 note)
    FX3 : Delay short (slapback) 0% feedback – Vocals (on global tap 1/16 note)
    FX4 : Doubler / Rotator
    Rotator only setup for use of Tube Drive to Max. To get harmonics for Vox / OH
    FX5 :…[Read more]

  • I already started a “firmware update” question some time ago. Too bad that nobody from the A&H crew takes time or is willing to respond. Basically you ask the same. As I look at Qu series, they have better remote control (full control on an ipad and Qu-me for iphone and android). I am annoyed that the more expensive platform GLD didn’t have any…[Read more]

  • So today I saw the webinar for dLive. I like that console but for now I am still waiting for any changes / updates for GLD ?

    WHAT IS THE PLAN ? Please A&H I am asking for a long time now. Take just 1 minute to reply and state what the future is for GLD.

  • Well no response from anybody from A&H. I am disappointed. It seems that GLD platform is what is it for now and no updates. That is a shame. the Qu platform has some really nice features in the Remote Apps which are not in GLD.

    So please A&H share your roadmap for GLD.

  • It has been a year now since the last update. (1.51).

    I am still hoping for some bugfixes and new functionality as it is also done in de Qu series.

    Can anybody from A&H clarify the roadmap for GLD series ? If this is it, I will still use the GLD but for a new console I will check out other manufacturers as well.


  • That is correct. Multi channel recording is only supported by using a card in the extension bay.

    USB recording is supported but limited to 2 channels. By default configured to record REC matrix, but in fact you are also able to record 2 mono groups or input channels. (Press assign in the Player / recorder screen).

    Hope this helps you…[Read more]

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