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    @KeithJ A&H

    That could be the mixup.

    I downloaded the manual and searched for block diagram.
    Thought it said it was for the 24/32 not 16 when I tried to read it sideways on the screen.
    Maybe I got the other one when I adjusted the size and scrolled to see the usb output.

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    you are contradicting yourself

    the diagram shows you send 24 channels
    you agreed you can only send 24 channels
    that verified my statement and the diagram

    we are not talking total in and out
    the OPer wanted to send to his PC
    and the Qu32 only sends 24 channels
    as you and the block diagram both agreed to

    so confounding the discussion with total channels
    when we are discussing SEND via USB nr. of channels is not helpful

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    exactly !!!!!!

    that is what I said

    you can only send 24 usb channels to the PC

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    well my block diagram has a 24 on the output to usb B

    does the text contradict that factoid?
    do I have an out of date manual ?

    We are not talking about how many can be chosen from to fit in the 24 available to be sent but how many can be sent on usbB

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    so the block diagram in the manual is wrong
    we were talking about USB to a PC not generic in/ out

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    The block diagram p88 shows the Qu32 can stream 24 channels out usb B
    how do you come up with 32?
    Is that unique to the QuSB?

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    is taht factoid buried in the manual somewhere?

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    it appears to be a problem with the usb2 hardware chips AH used for usb
    versus what is in the usb3+ memory sticks or i/o ports on the PC use now
    and gaps with the usb standard
    so same issue for both qu and sq

    i had problems with a win10 and usb3 that destroyed my usb memory stick used for sneakernet from my old XP
    whatever billyg did to it now it only works on that win10 machine and not on my other devices b
    but that might be a usb3 issue although i still suspect billyg is not fully innocent

    not sure how you analyse live or who could be watching that info during rehearsal
    if you record on a usb memory stick you can take your time to analyse and not miss anything
    YMMV but for me 18 tracks is way plenty but I would use stems (usually 8 or less) not record every mike separately
    two qus would give you twice the tracks and you could merge them in the DAW later

    how big is the band? 7 mikes is a lot for drums which leaves you 11 more for the others

    could you record backing guide tracks separately and merge with the band in the DAW for deeper analysis?

    could you take the mac to a dealer and try the usb recording?

    i would expect when you mix and add to video you would have many takes not just one done live start to finish

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    still sounds like a DAW problem

    what did ableton change from v9 to v11?

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    read the other posts here about various usb problems

    it should work it might work
    it all depends
    nobody can tell you unless you actually try your mac with your qu/sq

    why do you need usb? live or later editing?
    many find they can use a mix or matrix and avoid fighting the usb problems for live
    or they can record on local usb HD and then move the file to the PC for batch editing

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    Sounds like a DAW issue.

    could Ableton be allowing some extra headroom?

    Does it matter on the boot order or the initial Qu fader settings when you boot the DAW?
    Do you get different results with different trim settings?

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    do nothing to the LR mix
    leave what is assigned there alone
    that is fine
    so just use it for the live service and now forget about it wrt streaming

    create a duplicate of that in mix78 as a starting point (just hit mix78 button)
    and then tweak it to suit the livestream

    I get confused about how AH PAFL means different things and when. I wish they would say pre and post and just mean those.
    you may or may not (I think I recall you would) need to use PAFL on mix78 when you listen on phones to check it
    do not think you need to do it otherwise. maybe one of the pro FOH guys will show up and clarify that.
    easy enough to play with that though just push pafl buttons and see what happens.

    I use OBS as a generic term since most churches actually do use OBS.
    It could be your DAW or some other streaming program. Maybe even to local radio/tv.
    Our video guys started with streamlabs but finally got smart and now they use OBS
    I recall there are a few very minor competitors but I would be afraid to use them as they might not survive in the long run
    and none of them seemed to have anything special to recommend choosing them. UK might be different.

    I do not do the assigning but I am sure you can send mix78 to any usb number you want but that would leave you with a signal that most people complain is too low at the PC. I have no idea if you can assign a mix to LR, but why ???? you already have LR on LR. most of us use the mix to feed an onstage monitor or other rooms.
    Also pretty sure that you cant assign LR to anything but the LR outputs that are hardwired to xlr connectors.

    Again please , please, do look at the block diagram and signal flow diagram and trace your signal path from in to out.
    that will help you understand a lot more about what is happening and how.

    always recall that you are doing two parallel mixes that are essentially the same but with minor tweaks to suit live or streaming
    focus on one or the other and do not conflate them at all. they are separate things for different usages.

    If you go to the bother to set up mix78 then just send it from the xlr outs labelled mix78 and into an audio interface where you can get plenty of gain into the PC to hand off to DAW OBS or some other program.

    unless you are going to mix in the PC there is no point in using usb to send a stereo pair. then you would send all the channels over usb so you could mix them in the PC. but why? you already did it on mix78 which is so much easier than adding another program in the livestream chain and adding more work to the video operators on that side of your service support.

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    you do not assign the LR to mix78
    they are separate outputs with separate mixing for different purposes
    LR is to feed the amps live in the nave and mix78 feeds the PC with OBS for streaming

    The point is you do not send LR to the mix
    but you create a duplicate mix with tweaks to better fit OBS
    the sound and levels you want live are not what you want on the livestream
    live and streaming will need different mixes to be best for their purpose

    What you need to do is select mix78 button on right and then create the mix you want for the livestream.
    use the same faders as for LR
    they are now changing the mix not messing with LR

    In our case we have to add our audience mike to pick up the organ which is not in the LR
    otherwise the livestream would have no organ music
    we raise the piano mikes level for streaming as we dial it back live because it is already loud acoustically
    also we need to tweak the rf mikes for how loud the user is talking/singing. that might be done on LR and used for mix78
    and we custom set the preacherman’s mike level for his RF mike. that might also be done on LR and used for mix78
    and if there is a guest we adjust the level at the podium mike
    we had a standalone mike for the music director to use but that one went missing

    This set up should be done at sound check time.
    If you have the same people every week then you could leave it the same as was recalled in the scene that saved everything.

    Now our video guys are different from most people and they sometimes want more of this and less of that
    so when they ask we just push mix78 button and tweak the faders for whatever input they feel a need to change

    initially you need to push the mix button then use the faders to adjust the mix
    send the mix out the xlr pair for the mix to an audio interface and then into the PC and DAW/OBS
    they are already hardwired pre-‘mapped’ to those two outputs on the back

    groups are different you do not need them for this mix for livestream

    yes the documentation is meant for the engineers who built it not typical users
    you would make a lot of progress if you looked at the signal flow diagram and the block diagram
    and then traced the signal path from channel inputs on the left through everything including busses and out the mix78 on right

    I made a higher level summary view of the busses that showed where each can get signal from or send it to
    which I found useful to help my memory when I tried to do things like you are attempting

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    you get 18dB headroom from the SQ
    you may not have recorded to the peak so get a few more dB – that could be your 20 value
    and you may get up to another 18dB from the PC/DAW

    but it is all digital and the DR is humongous as is the SNR
    so you can still raise the signal in the PC without problems with noise

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