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  • I’ll post it as a feature suggestion then 😉
    Thanks a lot Alex!

  • Alex thanks for chiming in and Lino I’m sorry for using the word “silly”. Sincerely, I didn’t mean no hatchet at all.
    I am still surprised Faders can’t be copied though. I understand what Alex explains but does that mean that you guys never copy Faders? (I suddenly feel like an alien!!)) When cloning channels, for me that is the easiest way to…[Read more]

  • If It has heated up on your side, I’m sorry. I never meant to heat anything up. The reason why I used CAPS is because the subject I need to be addressed (a solution for this if there is any) was always bypassed. In my first post I stated clearly a situation I was bumping into and asked if this was normal. I don’t think my question was something…[Read more]

  • I don’t think my choice is BETTER. It’s not MY CHOICE for starters: I was just looking for a feature found in all digital desks I’ve worked with in my life. Turns out it doesn’t exist on Allen Heath desks. Ok, fair enough. But then how do you do what I’m trying to do? I don’t think it’s some rare and weird thing to do is it? Let’s say that you…[Read more]

  • I disagree. Not being ABLE to do something is not a question of workflow philosophy. Workflow philosophy is a question of choice which I do NOT have here.

    I’m not sure a group would help. My idea was to prepare, i.e. Channel 1 for a vocal and copy/paste to another 4 or five channels. Or load a scene and being able to move channels around…[Read more]

  • I have NEVER seen such thing on any desk I’ve worked with. The idea of copying is allow for speed. If I want to copy specific stuff I can choose them individually whereas in this case I CANNOT copy fader and sends values. With all due respect, that’s just plain silly and I really can’t believe it’s been implemented like so…
    Thanks for your input…[Read more]

  • OMG you’re right!!!!!!
    Thanks a lot!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!

  • Barryjam
    Thanks for your reply, but how do you copy/paste those then? I can’t believe that has to be done “by hand”…

  • Hi

    I want to copy channel 1 to channel 2. The whole thing: fader value, eq comp sends pan etc.
    I press “Copy” and then “Sel” on Channel 1 on the desk. Then I press “Paste” and “Sel” on Channel 2.
    EQ, Gate, HPF and other things are pasted BUT fader value for Main Mix and sends are NOT.
    Is this normal?

    Thanks in advance

  • To record stereo on my pendrive I go to I/O, Output Patch, Outputs, Mix Out. Then I select the USB tab and click on Main L and R assigning these to USB 1 and 2. When I go back to Utility/Stereo I can see that the peakmeters are assigned to Main L&R.

    I assume it’s the same process for 16 tracks recording so I go to I/O, Output Patch, Outputs, IP…[Read more]

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