• A brief update for the record.

    We’re now running with 3 DX168, a DXHub and one SQ6. Everything is smooth after upgrading to firmware 1.2
    I’m on monitor/stage duties with an iPad. SQ6 is at FOH.

    Hope to get an SQ5 and SLink card as soon as the FOH/Monitor split setup is supported, tested and trustworthy.

    So far so good.

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    Great news. We’re finally gonna upgrade tomorrow (and see if everything is fine with the DX HUb).

    Still is not clear from the connection diagrams if we have to use A or B port to hook it all up.


  • Thanks Art, would you please walk my thru a digital split?

  • Uh, almostr forgot.

    I had to wire all DX168 to the Hub via the B port or the system didn’t work properly. How comes?
    Still tryin’ to figure my way around the routing page, not very intuitive.

    Of course a manual with detailed wiring and setups would be handy but there seems to be none.

  • Hey all,
    Sunday I had my first encounter with the SQ6 + 3 DX168 and the DX Hub.
    I’m on stage duties so I can’t really comment on the board itself (I’m working off an iPad and managing 8 stereo in-ears).
    We had some major head-scratching moments with the routing but it now seems to be all under control.

    I know the board and the system are fresh…[Read more]

  • Thanks to both of you. I’ve been told that we got 3 DX168 also. I also understood from A&H literature that the DX HUB would solve all our issues but don’t if we got that one too. Is it already available? What is the exact hook up with it?

    Thanks again.

  • Hi all,
    my first message here. I’m working with a band that just got hold of an SQ6. I never used the board nor I have seen it in real life yet.
    In the next days we’re gonna set it all up and rehearse for their upcoming tour and was wondering if you guys could help me figure out the best way to set and wire things up.

    BTW, I’m coming from…[Read more]

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