• Hey Guys:
    I’ve been meaning to reply on this thread but haven’t been out to the forum in a while. I have an SQ-5 that I use as an interface to my DAW (Reaper and/or Sonar Pro). I did initially have quite a few problems with some “bit crusher” type artifacts and drop outs but the latest firmware has fixed all that. My buffer is set at 16 samples…[Read more]

  • Frank:
    In my system I’m able to play back directly from the DAW through the USB channel on the SQ. Windows media is the only thing that plays out of the secondary sound card. So, when I’m playing a Youtube video my system uses the on-board sound card from my motherboard. When I’m tracking with my DAW (and therefore using the ASIO drivers) I…[Read more]

  • Wes replied to the topic USB Digital Noise on SQ-5 in the forum SQ troubleshooting 6 months ago

    After months of trial and error I think I found a work around for my particular issue with USB digital noise. In my case (SQ-5 on a Windows 10 computer) I found that there was a conflict between the ASIO drivers and Windows media. The SQ-5 would stream audio from Windows applications fine until I used my DAW (and thus started the ASIO driver).…[Read more]

  • I am having the same issue with SQ5 on a Windows 10 PC. My audio sounds exactly like the file sent by Josh. I have had this experience with both an Intel based DAW and a AMD based DAW. I’ve tried all the solutions recommended in the Glitch Free publication, which was suggested reading from tech support. When running LatencyMon I get nothing but…[Read more]

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