• Ahh, I wasn’t aware there were models where EEE could be disabled. It cannot on the ones I have, good to know. Definitely report back with Shure’s findings, as the similarity with the issues I had using my home network for testing is striking, and EEE was the assumed cause.

  • This all sounds exactly like the issues I have if I connect Dante kit into my home network for testing, which also uses Netgear ProSafe plus switches. This is due to them featuring IEEE 803.3az Energy Efficient Ethernet which cannot be disabled. More information Here.

  • Just tried something that seems to work here on El Capitan….

    Go to the iLive editor in your applications folder. Right click and choose “Get Info”, the check the “Prevent App Nap” box. Not had the error since doing this.

    Hope this helps someone!

  • So…….

    I installed the public beta of El Capitan, fired up Dante Controller, which I had forgotten was Java, installed the version from the pop-up given, then thought about iLive editor. Load it up from Dashboard and would you believe it all three options are back. Unfortunately I don’t have access to an iLive system at the moment to test it,…[Read more]

  • Nicola,

    Is there any improvement over the iLive scene management, especially for theatre type usage? Scene fades. How about does the MIDI control compare to iLive, and how about OSC?

    There’s mention of “IP Remotes”, are these going to be a networked replacement for the PL series controllers?

    Sorry if this is already covered somewhere.

  • No direct answer but some thoughts.

    I can’t hear much in the video, but the PT file is intriguing. I once struggled with something that sounded extremely similar with some M-Audio interfaces. It was due to to M-Audio not updating the drivers to work with current versions of MacOS. What version of DVS and MacOS X are you running? From the video it…[Read more]

  • Thank you so much A&H for your prompt response to Mavericks support, comes in perfect time to use on a new Mac tomorrow, and seems to be working correctly.

    I have no need for it immediately, but is there any word on compatibility of the TCP midi driver?

  • Damn it! That’s what I originally ment the strings to say, and what I use, just a typo in my post above! Oh well I obviously need to check my typing more carefully!


  • Not a problem, glad to help! I’d be intrigued to hear if this is a GLD bug, I know enough about this stuff to get by, but it would be good to either confirm my thoughts or learn a bit more.


  • As another thought try a “Musical” midi command. I often use 9C,50,75 on the Panic all (but should work for any command) command. You’ll need to turn on Use “Musical” MIDI controls in Qlab and set the channel to 13 hit capture for the relavent command and see if it picks anything up, and then works or not.


  • Ah, it does seem that the GLD might be doing something slightly odd with the command. I’ve attached what I get from an iLive which is only seen as one SysEx entry by Midi Monitor. I’ve also noted that the iLive software reformats the string when entered to be, for example, F0,F7,00,02,10,01,F7 i.e. it adds the commas. I don’t have a GLD to try it…[Read more]

  • What Device ID do you have configured in QLab MIDI Controls preferences? The strings I’ve used above are for Device ID 0. You could use Midi Monitor on your mac to see what, if any, command is received from the soft key press?


  • I’ve done this with an iLive successfully, but not with a GLD. It’s the same driver so I’d have thought it would work. What is the midi string you are sending? Which version of QLab are you using and which licenses?

    I use the Midi Show Control Commands for GO, Seq+/-, and STOP ALL which, respectively, are;

    F0 F7 00 02 10 01 F7
    F0 F7 00 02 10 13…[Read more]