• Yeah, i hope there is kind of a dsp trick that could make this feature happen… BTW i found out on which console i have seen this: the console was……(drums getting louder) …..a behringer x32 and this feature came with the last update

    Thx for the input!

  • HI Again!

    I´d also like to have a option to view a Spectogramm or Analyzer on the EQ screen. have recently seen this feature on an other Console and was really impressed by it. A really useful feature i think 🙂 It looked like the Waves H-EQ but different. It would be nice to have this features with couloured bands….

    Thank you very much!

  • I would like to have a linked Stereo Delay. For example: When i tap delay the left channel with 100BPM i´d like to have the right channel delayed with a half note, quarter note,16th note….. also with 100 BPM. Like a Ping Pong Delay

    like this: X=Delay
    o=no signal

    left channel: XoooXoooXoooXoooX
    right channel:…[Read more]

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