• I have just received my SQ6 and was really excited about loading some audio up through SQ drive in order to have a play around with it but alas this was not to be.
    The WAV files used were direct from my QU desk and put into the correct SQ folders with the correct names and even converted to 96khz but when i select the folder on SQ drive, it does…[Read more]

  • Its not simple actually and its not in the user guide. The section on output patch set up is very vague and basic. As it turns out, using the patch bay you can only route to stereo channel faders 2 and 3 to use as control for 2 stereo mixes unless you sacrifice some of the 24 input channels. Its always better to be helpful on these forums.

  • I have sorted it.

  • I am trying to create multiple mix sends to go from QU 24 to a headphone Amp while using the desk as a DAW controller/interface in a studio environment but can’t seem to find a way to route through to the mix faders.

    Does anyone have a workaround or solution to this please?

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